Illumination Station

Illumination Station

Name: Illumination Station

Location: Occidental Square

Duration: Dec. 3, 2018 to Jan. 31, 2019

Description from the Artist:

In the dark, wet winter months of Seattle, Electric Coffin’s Illumination Station is a beacon of brightness. The installation acts as a portal that temporarily transports viewers into a glowing moment of clarity among foggy times. From the exterior, park visitors are greeted by colorful floral patterns: a reminder that spring will come again. When walking through, a lit mosaic ceiling showers visitors with colorful light to recharge the spirit throughout weeks of cloudy skies.

Contact Info

General Park Info:

Jennifer Casillas, VP, Public Space Operations & Events


Lindsay Clarke, Senior Manager, Sponsorships

Art and Public Space projects:

Seth Geiser, Manager, Urban Planning & Design

Park Rules

The Seattle Municipal Code prohibits:

  • Placing any structure or obstruction in the park without a permit
  • Dogs or other pets that are not leashed; person with dog must carry and use equipment for removing feces.
  • Sale of merchandise without a permit
  • Amplified sound without a permit.
  • Camping
  • Liquor (open or closed container)
  • Littering
  • Skateboarding, roller-skating
  • Illegal gambling
  • Urinating or defecating

Parks Code of Conduct (enforceable under SMC 18.12.040) prohibits:

  • Depriving others of their use or enjoyment of the park
  • No smoking
  • Unattended items
  • Creating a risk of harm to any person or property
  • Obstructing pedestrian traffic; interfering with the provision of services or the use of park property
  • Disrupting Parks and Recreation activities.
  • Abusive or harassing behavior