Q: Who can join the Downtown Seattle Association?

A: Any licensed business can belong to the Downtown Seattle Association regardless of business location. Any person who lives within one of downtown’s 12 neighborhoods can join the Residents Council.

Q: Am I already a member?

A: Follow this link to our membership list to find out.

Q: If my company is a member, am I a member?

A: Yes. Any employee of a member company is considered a DSA member, and is encouraged to attend any of our events, participate on our task forces or receive our mailings.

Q: Can I choose which employees can be members?

A: Employees are not required to sign up. Your dues are based on your total full-time employee count regardless of their participation.

Q: What membership is best for me?

A: Your membership level is determined by your company or organization size. You can learn more about membership levels on our resident or corporate/nonprofit membership pages or by contacting us.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of DSA membership, please contact our Member Relations team: