Q: Who can join the Downtown Seattle Association?

A: Any licensed business can belong to the Downtown Seattle Association regardless of business location. Any person who lives within one of downtown’s 12 neighborhoods can join as a resident member.


Q: Am I already a member?

A: Follow this link to our membership list to find out.


Q: If my company is a member, am I a member?

A: Yes. Any employee of a member company or nonprofit organization is considered a DSA member, and is encouraged to attend any of our events or receive our mailings.


Q: Can I choose which employees can be members?

A: Your dues are based on your total full-time employee count regardless of their participation. While we encourage corporate and nonprofit members to extend access to DSA events and communication to as many employees as possible, we don’t sign your employees up for those notifications unless you ask us to.


Q: What membership is best for me?

A: Your membership level is determined by your company or organization size. You can learn more about membership levels on our resident or corporate/nonprofit membership pages or by contacting us.


Q: How do I update information within my organization’s or personal account?

If you are your organization’s main contact for DSA Membership and you’d like to change company contact information or renew your membership online, select the organization user account. If you want to change your personal email address or register for an event, you can log into your individual account.


Q: Can I renew my membership online?

Yes, you can renew your residential or organization’s membership online. Please login to your account to manage your membership.

Please note: Hotel and Property Owners/Managers are not able to renew online. Please contact our member relations team to renew your membership.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of DSA membership, please contact our Member Relations team: