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Compassion Seattle

DSA Endorses Charter Amendment for Homelessness Solutions

The last official count of people living unsheltered in Seattle, completed in January 2020, estimated 3,738 individuals are surviving outdoors in parks, playgrounds, sports fields, sidewalks, streets and vehicles. Seattle’s homelessness crisis — declared a state of emergency six years ago — has only worsened during the pandemic.

To meet the historic challenge of bringing thousands of people inside, a new coalition called Compassion Seattle has launched a campaign to make unprecedented investments in housing, health treatment and homeless services through an amendment to the city of Seattle’s charter — essentially the city’s constitution.

The amendment would require the city to provide 2,000 units of emergency and permanent housing within one year of its passage. It also calls for mental health and substance use disorder services. Critically, the amendment would prioritize support for people of color who are more likely to experience homelessness as well as those with high barriers to services and those who are chronically homeless. As services and housing are made available, the city would be required to keep open parks and public spaces.

DSA is a member of the campaign coalition, and the DSA Board of Directors has endorsed the charter amendment. DSA’s involvement builds on our history of advocacy for those most in need.

You can read more about the campaign at To join the social discussion, visit LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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Recent Campaign Successes

Below are a few of the initiatives DSA has directly endorsed and supported in recent years.

Harborview Health for All


Harborview Medical Center serves as the primary Level 1 Trauma Care Center for Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho. The Harborview Health for All proposition raised $1.7B to add patient rooms, expand the emergency services department, update infection control capacity, complete seismic upgrades and make other improvements.

Yes for Transit


The 2021 Seattle Transportation Benefits District raises $30-45M annually for six years through a 0.15% sales tax. Revenue will generate more than 150,000 bus service hours and provide transit relief for West Seattle commuters. The measure also funds essential capital projects, maintenance, and transit access programs for youth, seniors, people with disabilities and low income communities.

Schools First

Schools First, endorsed by DSA and approved by Seattle voters in 2019, included two levy renewals that will raise nearly $2 billion for Seattle Public Schools. The capital levy will fund school remodels, repairs and maintenance; the operations levy funds day-to-day operations, including staffing. Support for future planning for a downtown school is included in the levy.

Yes for Seattle Kids logo

This levy helps ensure kids enter kindergarten prepared to succeed, achieve academically (thereby reducing Seattle’s achievement gap), and go on to graduate from high school prepared for college or a career.

No on Jobs Tax

In response to a damaging tax on jobs passed by the Seattle City Council in 2018, DSA launched the No Tax on Jobs campaign to repeal the tax on the November ballot. In just a few weeks, over 40,000 signatures were gathered (more than double what was required) causing the Council to ultimately repeal the tax and avoid a drawn-out public battle.

Yes on Prop 1

The King County Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy is crucial to protecting veterans, helping the most vulnerable and lifting many in our community out of homelessness.

Sound Transit 3

Sound Transit 3 is a comprehensive regional investment in our future transportation network. This package includes major new light rail construction and Sounder train service as well as bus rapid transit and ST bus expansions.

Yes for Homes: Support the Seattle Housing Levy

The Yes! For Homes levy produces and preserves thousands of affordable apartments, assists low-income homeowners and provides funding for homelessness prevention.

Schools First

The Schools First levy raises hundreds of millions of dollars to fund the day-to-day educational operations critical to our public school system.

Let's Move Seattle

Let’s Move Seattle funded an integrated transportation plan to address safety issues, street repairs and improved mobility for residents without vehicles.

Yes for Buses! Approve Transportation Prop. 1

Yes for Transit increased the reliability and frequency of critical bus routes across Seattle.

Yes for Parks: Yes on Prop. 1

The Metropolitan Parks District created a new, sustainable funding source to repair, maintain and restore basic services at city parks, community centers and regional attractions throughout Seattle.