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We’re a nonprofit membership organization focused on creating a healthy, vibrant downtown for all. We believe when downtown thrives, the whole city flourishes. Our membership includes 1,700 businesses, nonprofits and downtown residents. While our members join DSA for different reasons, they all share a love of downtown and a desire to help shape our city. Membership in DSA gives you access, influence and opportunity: access to member-only events, information, business experts and political leaders; a chance to influence critical public policy issues; and countless opportunities to network and grow your business.

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As a DSA member, you’re part of a community of people who love downtown and care about the future of this city. Join us and become a City Maker.

New Members

Founded in 2011, Board & Vellum is a multidisciplinary design firm composed of around 50 design professionals. With integrated studios of architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design professionals, our collaborative and open-minded approach lets us take on design challenges, explore creative and complex design solutions, and support your needs during the design process. Most importantly, we love what we do and will treat your project with as much care as we would if it were our own.

Reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective energy solutions, so you can focus on what’s most important to you. Centrio is the leading pure-play district energy platform in the U.S., offering centralized cooling, heating, and power solutions.

CHEQ is the world's first social payments platform, connecting consumers and businesses to create frictionless, amazing in-person experiences. CHEQ's universal ordering and payment app can be used by any restaurant, café, bar, or stadium to make transactions fun, easy, and worry- free. Users can even send food and drinks directly to their friends from anywhere in the world.

For over half a century, Onni has been building communities for people to live, work and play. Their expertise expands across North American cities such as Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix, Toronto, Vancouver and Chicago. Onni has constructed over 15,000 new homes; owns and manages more than 11,200 rental apartments; has built more than 18.4 million square feet of office, retail and industrial space; and has an additional 28 million square feet of space in different phases of development. Employing thousands of people across North America, Onni is one of the continent’s largest and most established developers of real estate.

Located in the retail core of downtown Seattle, Orchard Workspace by JLL is designed for the modern professional. Featuring a spectrum of workspace options from private offices to shared coworking space, we help productivity flourish by providing the very best in business technology and hospitality services – as well as ongoing opportunities for networking and community engagement. Whether you’re a brand-new start-up or a deep-rooted firm, Orchard Workspace by JLL gives you the space, services and amenities to support the sustainable growth of your business.

IKE Smart City helps cities, BIAs, and DMOs connect with the public through interactive digital kiosks that drive discovery, mobility, and equity, encouraging a pedestrian-oriented environment.

Tiscareno Associates is a mid-sized architecture firm with highly skilled, approachable, and experienced professionals who create exceptional spaces where people want to work, live, and gather. Through a deep dedication to collaboration and design excellence, we produce beautiful, functional results that enrich communities for generations to come.

Our downtown parks have become safe, lively, active destinations. DSA has led and managed the transformation to vibrant areas for all to enjoy.

— Bob Donegan, Ivar's

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