All Staff

Like our members and ratepayers, the DSA staff shares a love of downtown and a desire to make a difference. Whether supporting back-office operations or street-level services, team members are aligned around the DSA mission: to create a healthy, vibrant downtown for all. Our teams include: operations, advocacy and economic development, communications and marketing, streetscape cleaning, parks and public realm management, hospitality and public safety services, research and market analysis.

Executive Team

Staff Members

Kelly Akers

Senior Communications Specialist

Noah An

Program Director

Commute Seattle

Jenifer Anderson

Manager, Human Resources

Fina Araya

Director, Marketing & Creative Services

Emily Bailor

Director, Executive Administration

Katie Bajema

Senior Specialist, Visual Designer & Web

Kendle Bjelland

Program Director

Lisa Brooks

Supervisor, Clean Team

Brian Cannon

Director, Community Safety & Hospitality

Sam Dick, Jr.

Supervisor, Community Safety & Hospitality Team

Mohammed Dima

Supervisor, Community Safety & Hospitality Team

Wes Dorne

Senior Manager, Parks & Public Space Programming

Brenda Evans

VP, Finance

Giselle Ferrufino

Manager, Membership & Strategic Partnerships

Michael Florez

Ambassador Resource Specialist

Seth Geiser

Manager, Urban Planning & Design

Jesse Gillihan

Supervisor, PRO Team

Bethany Goad

Transportation Specialist

Ryan Gockel

Director, Strategic Initiatives and Special Projects

Brian Graap

Supervisor, Clean Team

Mike Grilli

Data Specialist

Regnell Hawthorne

Supervisor, Clean Team

Zarina Infante

Program Manager

Nick Jackal

Director of Community Relations & Organizing

Joseph Jacobs

Senior Program Manager, Clean Team

Michael Johnson

Director, Parks & Public Space

Kiera Lyssikatos

Specialist, Community Relations & Ratepayer Engagement

Jessica Madrazo

Senior Specialist, Accounting

Lacey McKeever

Membership Specialist

Abelardo Mejia-Ramirez

Supervisor, Clean Team

Kaela Pendrak

Communications Specialist

Tara Peters

Transportation Specialist

Tony Peterson

Supervisor, Community Safety & Hospitality Team

Monica Rankin

Director, Human Resources

Anna Reeder

Research Specialist

Ezekiel Robertson

Supervisor, Community Safety & Hospitality Team

James Sido

Director, Media Relations & Issues Management

Scott Siemers

Supervisor, Clean Team

Blake Sundstrom

Manager, Community Safety & Hospitality Program

Cherie Truncer

Supervisor, Clean Team

O’Neal Veney

Supervisor, Clean Team

Steven Walls

Director, Cleaning Services

Kurt Winner

Transportation Specialist

Floretta Woart

Events & Programming Specialist