All Staff

Like our members and ratepayers, the DSA staff shares a love of downtown and a desire to make a difference. Whether supporting back-office operations or street-level services, team members are aligned around the DSA mission: to create a healthy, vibrant downtown for all. Our teams include: operations, advocacy and economic development, communications and marketing, streetscape cleaning, parks and public realm management, hospitality and public safety services, research and market analysis.

Executive Team

Staff Members

Hassib Abou-Zaki

Manager, Human Resources

Kelly Akers

Senior Communications Specialist

Noah An

Program Director

Commute Seattle

Jenifer Anderson

Recruiting Specialist

Fina Araya

Director, Marketing & Creative Services

Emily Bailor

Director, Executive Administration

Katie Bajema

Senior Specialist, Visual Designer & Web

Priya Balan

Project Coordinator

Richard Barret

Supervisor, Clean Team

Kendle Bjelland

Program Director

Lisa Brooks

Supervisor, Clean Team

Brian Cannon

Director, Community Safety & Hospitality

Sam Dick, Jr.

Supervisor, Community Safety & Hospitality Team

Mohammed Dima

Supervisor, Community Safety & Hospitality Team

Wes Dorne

Senior Manager, Parks & Public Space Programming

Brenda Evans

VP, Finance

Giselle Ferrufino

Manager, Membership & Strategic Partnerships

Michael Florez

Ambassador Resource Specialist

Seth Geiser

Manager, Urban Planning & Design

Bethany Goad

Transportation Specialist

Ryan Gockel

Director, Strategic Initiatives and Special Projects

Brian Graap

Supervisor, Clean Team

Mike Grilli

Supervisor, Focus Team

Cory Hanger

Supervisor, Community Safety & Hospitality Team

Regnell Hawthorne

Supervisor, Clean Team

Zarina Infante

Program Manager

Nick Jackal

Director of Community Relations & Organizing

Joseph Jacobs

Senior Program Manager, Clean Team

Michael Johnson

Director, Parks & Public Space

David Lewis

Supervisor, Community Safety & Hospitality Team

Jessica Madrazo

Senior Specialist, Accounting

Abelardo Mejia-Ramirez

Supervisor, Clean Team

Nate Merrell

Executive Assistant & Employee Engagement Specialist

Kaela Pendrak

Communications Specialist

Tara Peters

Transportation Specialist

Shawn Pullen

Supervisor, Community Safety & Hospitality Team

James Sido

Director, Media Relations & Issues Management

Scott Siemers

Supervisor, Clean Team

Ryan Sparks

Senior Specialist, Events & Programming

Blake Sundstrom

Manager, Community Safety & Hospitality Program

O’Neal Veney

Supervisor, Clean Team

Simon Villanueva

Events Specialist

Steven Walls

Director, Cleaning Services

Kurt Winner

Transportation Specialist

Monica Ybarra

Director, Human Resources