Center City Connector

Leading the effort to connect our downtown neighborhoods with a new streetcar line on First Avenue

Seattle has two streetcar lines that are fully integrated into the ORCA card system, but remain disconnected to our center city. As a member of the Seattle Streetcar Coalition, the DSA has led the effort to design and build a new link, called the Center City Connector. Initially approved by City Council in 2014, the alignment will connect Chinatown-ID and Pioneer Square to the Pike Place Market and South Lake Union. When the link is completed in 2020, streetcars will arrive every five minutes and travel in a dedicated travel lane along First Avenue. Seattle Streetcar Coalition is a group of more than 70 member organizations that support the development of an expanded and highly functional streetcar network in our center city.

For more information, visit the project website or contact Don Blakeney:

Phone: 206-399-8194