Third Avenue Vision

Third Avenue is the busiest transit corridor in North America, serving as the front door to downtown. It faces many challenges, however, from public safety concerns and bus congestion to limited sidewalk space, inadequate retail options and a general lack of stewardship.

In 2019, DSA led a group of nearly 70 business and property owners, residents, government staff and other stakeholders to develop a long-term vision for the future of Third Avenue. DSA hired consultants ZGF Architects, Fehr & Peers and ELS to provide expertise on solutions for urban design, transportation, retail, parks and management.

This work culminated with the release of the Third Avenue Vision, which proposes four future transportation options converting Third Avenue to a two- or three-lane transitway optimizing bus volumes and maximizing ridership.

Renewed efforts are underway in 2024 to refine, update and implement recommendations within the Third Avenue Vision report. In partnership with the city of Seattle and ULI Northwest, DSA has convened a series of stakeholder engagement interviews conducted by city officials and private sector leaders, to develop recommendations and an action-oriented plan to revitalize this critical corridor. The renewed focus includes a near-term project that will deliver short-term structural improvements ahead of the FIFA World Cup in 2026 and longer-term priorities that include ongoing investments along the avenue.

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