Public Realm Operations Team

The Public Realm Operations Team ensures DSA-managed parks and public spaces are clean, well-maintained and welcoming for all. Each morning, PRO Team ambassadors set up activities and programming in Westlake Park, Occidental Square and other busy spots in our urban core. The team also provides staffing and support for DSA/MID public realm events and seasonal activations. Additionally, the team tracks public assets and partners with city agencies, providing information to repair light poles, street signs, potholes and other items.

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The PRO team provides:

  • Customer service and wayfinding
  • Seasonal events, including Downtown Summer Sounds, the annual tree lighting in Westlake Park and holiday activities
  • Outdoor games and other park amenities
  • Public asset tracking/monitoring
  • Outdoor programing for parks and public spaces within the MID
  • Murals and art installations throughout the MID
  • MID fleet maintenance and equipment

Caring for Parks and Public Spaces


What drives Public Realm Operations ambassador Jesse?

He wants to give back to society, take part in downtown’s revitalization and ensure every person who steps into the parks we manage has a great experience.