Clean Team

Each day, before the rest of downtown is moving, our Clean Team members hit the streets to sweep and powerwash sidewalks, curb lines and alleyways, paint out graffiti and more. The team uses MID-funded specialized cleaning equipment, including trucks, trikes and even all-terrain litter vacuums to take care of the most challenging needs.

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Our Clean Team at Work

The MID-funded Clean Team provides cleaning services within the six neighborhoods of the Metropolitan Improvement District.

Core services include:

  • Daily sidewalk and curbline cleaning
  • Alley cleaning
  • Human/animal waste removal and sanitation
  • Syringe removal
  • Graffiti paint-outs
  • Trash and litter collection
  • Scheduled pressure washing
  • Leaf removal and composting


Big Al Takes Care of Areas Needing Extra Attention