Downtown Leads the Region in Job Growth

After losing nearly 28,000 jobs during the last recession, downtown Seattle bounced back, adding an estimated 112,000 new jobs since 2010. In that time, employment increased by 52% and office occupancy increased by nearly 18 million square feet. Seattle boasts more jobs than any other city in the region. Numbering an estimated 328,000 as of 2019, downtown alone has more than double the number of jobs than the next-largest city outside of Seattle.


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Employment Trends

Figures are “covered employment” estimates provided by the Puget Sound Regional Council. Covered employment refers to positions covered by the Washington Unemployment Insurance Act. The Act exempts the self-employed, proprietors and corporate officers, military personnel, and railroad workers, so those categories are not included. Covered Employment accounts for approximately 85-90% of all employment.

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