Sound Transit 3

Sound Transit 3

Growing the capacity of our transportation system is critical to the future health of our downtown. With the 2016 passage of Sound Transit 3 (ST3), we took a large step toward our goal of ensuring an efficient and interconnected regional transportation network. ST3 is the region’s single biggest investment in our transportation future. It will dramatically increase connectivity to, through and within downtown, and DSA has been a supporter since the start. We weighed in early on the specifics of the ST3 plan that was ultimately presented to and approved by voters. In the run up to the election, DSA raised over $100,000 to support the campaign and our members and coalition partners helped ensure passage in November 2016. The levy will fund creation of an additional 62 miles of light rail lines, expanded bus rapid transit lines, more Sounder train capacity and a second downtown transit tunnel that will serve South Lake Union, Uptown and SODO.

The Sound Transit Board, in conjunction with the Seattle City Council and a Stakeholder Advisory Group (comprised of local community and industry leaders) are weighing options for the West Seattle to Ballard Link Extensions project. DSA President & CEO Jon Scholes sits on the Stakeholder Advisory Group and we continue to advocate for accessible and well-designed stations through downtown Seattle. The Sound Transit Board is expected to make a decision regarding preferred alignment and stations in late April 2019.

For questions and to get involved in our transportation advocacy, contact Emily Mannetti:

Phone: 206-613-3211