Economic Revitalization

Pedestrians in downtown Seattle's Retail Core neighborhood

In the decade prior to the onset of COVID-19, downtown Seattle’s economy was booming. However, as the first major urban center to feel the effects of the pandemic, that rapid pace of growth ground to a halt. Street-level businesses quickly shuddered, our once-lively arts and cultural sectors fell silent and previously crowded sidewalks were deserted.

In support of our members, downtown property owners, residents and other stakeholders, DSA quickly stepped in to track and report on the economic impact of this crisis; advocate for available relief; and help our stakeholders access critical information and resources.

With the darkest days of the pandemic now behind us, DSA remains the organization leading downtown’s revitalization efforts and working to ensure a strong and inclusive economic recovery. Our recent efforts include:

  • Engaging with city partners to ensure the needs of downtown – the region’s economic hub – are prioritized;
  • Advocating for strategies that make it easier to open and sustainably operate a business in downtown;
  • Urging the private and public sectors to return to in-person work;
  • Facilitating a robust recovery of our arts and culture sector;
  • Ensuring downtown is safe and welcoming for locals, visitors and workers; and
  • Reporting on downtown’s recovery and revitalization through a monthly Revitalization Dashboard giving DSA members, public officials, the media and the public regular data to trace the path to full recovery.

DSA remains committed to our core mission of creating a healthy, vibrant downtown for all. We are a resource, an advocate, a convener and a partner working to get the heart of Seattle beating strong again.

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