KING 5: Artists light up Seattle’s Pioneer Square

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Art in Pioneer Square
Source: KING 5

This story was originally published by KING 5 on April 8, 2024.

SEATTLE — Pioneer Square is all aglow, lighted with creativity. “Shine On Seattle” is back.

“When we put out the word, Seattle’s artistic community shows up,” said Seth Geiser, manager of urban planning and design at the Downtown Seattle Association.

DSA, along with event organizer Lusio Light, have brought the work of local artists to the neighborhood’s streets after dark.

Lusio owner and curator Mollie Bryan said, “I think it’s absolutely vital for our well-being to have, not just art around, but publicly and free.”

Originally a pandemic-era project, the nighttime display brings a warm glow to the neighborhood after months of winter gray.

“It gets really dark here,” Bryan said with a laugh.

“Shine On” features the work of five local artists, including a Kelsey Fernkopf-supplied pop of color in an otherwise empty street corner interior.

“A beautiful, huge, neon piece,” said Bryan, an artist who has also included one of her own pieces, suspended above Occidental Square.

Anthony Bassett’s video projection fills a vacant retail space with a psychedelic “liquid light” display.

“A little trippy,” Geiser said.

The pieces are all visible from public spaces after the sun goes down.

“It’s really beautiful and captivating,” said Bryan. “And a lot of it is something you have to see in person to really appreciate it.”

If you’re strolling through Pioneer Square, head for the light and “Shine On.”

“You basically can’t turn a corner without finding something interesting to see,” Geiser said.

Bryan agreed, “We have a lot of talent here.”