Help Make Seattle Shine: Calling Artists, Building Owners and Property Managers

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People walking in front of mural

From storefront galleries and glowing statues to crosswalk art and pop-up galleries, DSA believes in the power of urban art to enhance downtown. If you’re a building manager, business owner or artist looking to help brighten downtown Seattle, we’d love to work with you through both short- and longer-term public space improvement efforts.

Recently, we updated our process to connect those with a canvas — like blank walls and ground-level spaces — with artists and creators. This effort builds on our past and ongoing work to bring public art into our urban core, including “Calls for Walls” and “Calls for Artists.”

Building and business managers
Would your building make a good mural canvas, or do you have space to host an eye-catching sculpture? Fill out our building and business manager form.

Do you have an idea for transforming a blank wall or empty ground-level space with compelling art? Fill out our creator form.

If you’re interested in partnering, contact us through the links above or email Seth Geiser at