Seattle City Makers Podcast, Episode 15: Marshall Foster

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The word “transformational” is perhaps overused when it comes to public and private development projects. But that word absolutely applies to the main topic of conversation in our latest episode. There are few undertakings in Seattle’s history as transformative as the Central Waterfront redevelopment. As construction kicks into gear on the Overlook Walk and other signature elements of this major makeover, we sit down with the City of Seattle’s Office of the Waterfront and Civic Projects Director Marshall Foster. The City’s former Planning Director, Foster has led the Office of the Waterfront since 2014. He’s had a front row seat to Seattle’s biggest project for more than a decade and takes us behind the scenes on a project that is redefining how downtown, and the city, connect with the waterfront to produce what should be an unrivaled urban experience. Join us for Seattle City Makers with Jon Scholes and guest Marshall Foster.


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