DSA Advocates for Center City Needs as Light Rail Planning Accelerates

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Commuters on Link light rail

As leaders shape the future of transportation in our region, DSA is ensuring the voices of downtown stakeholders are heard and considered. DSA has long been a supporter of transit, including light rail, but as the region’s jobs center and Seattle’s densest residential neighborhood, the impacts of light rail expansion must be thoroughly analyzed and mitigated. In keeping with our advocacy priorities, we recently submitted this letter to Sound Transit regarding the siting and impacts of new light rail stations in downtown as the agency plans to build out the alignment for the West Seattle and Ballard Link Extensions.

The public comment window for the draft environmental impact statement has closed, but we’ll be keeping DSA members up to speed on ST3’s next steps in this process. For more information, contact DSA Vice President of Advocacy & Economic Development Kylie Rolf at