Vote for Seattle Schools on February Ballot

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School children

The Downtown Seattle Association is pleased to endorse the Building for Learning campaign and Seattle Schools levies on the Feb. 8 ballot. We urge you to also support this important measure and the resources it provides to thousands of children in downtown and around Seattle.

More than 5,500 children live downtown, and their success is crucial to the center city’s long-term health and vibrancy. Demand for tech-savvy, well-educated employees is steadily increasing, and children with access to quality early education — and a pathway to college — will be first in line for the jobs of the future.

The Building for Learning campaign includes two levies that extend funding to sustain the day-to-day educational operations of Seattle’s public schools, ensuring students have what they need to achieve and graduate for college or a career. The levies are listed on the ballot as:

  • Buildings, Tech, Academics/Athletics Levy (BTA V)
  • Educational Programs and Operations Levy (EP&O)

The BTA V Levy will fund school repairs, remodels and technology as well as academic programs and athletic improvements, including:

  • Funding for major improvements to Seattle Center’s Memorial Stadium to allow for continual use of the facility by students, families and the community
  • Continual exploration of the potential of building a downtown school
  • Roof replacements, safety improvements and upgrades, heating and ventilation improvements, major and critical maintenance
  • Strategic investments in technology for learning and teaching in the classroom
  • Academic program changes, playground and athletic field improvements and equipment, as well as art and science equipment

Washington state does not fully fund certain K-12 education programs. The EP&O Levy fills the gap between what the state funds and what schools need to operate every day. That includes:

  • Staffing, including helping pay for teachers’ salaries and support staff such as nurses and custodians
  • Special education, bilingual services and classroom supplies, including textbooks
  • Opportunities for students, including funding for athletics, arts, drama and music

DSA members consistently support schools and students in Seattle. By Feb. 8, please vote YES on these levies to give our kids, teachers and schools the resources they need for success.

For more information, contact DSA VP of Advocacy & Economic Development Kylie Rolf at