DSA Moves Transportation Priorities Forward

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Man on Bike on Third Avenue

A well-functioning transportation system is critical for the future of downtown and is a clear priority for DSA members, which is why our work in this arena is so important.

As downtown continues to add more jobs and residents, and welcomes a record number of visitors, it’s essential that people have a wide variety of options to get to, through and around our center city. Toward that end, we’re engaged in a number of both short- and long-term efforts to ensure safe, effective and reliable transportation options and a quality urban experience that allows people to connect with and experience our center city.

As the closure of Highway 99 approaches, we’re coordinating with businesses and government agencies to help keep the city moving. Transportation specialists from our partner organization Commute Seattle are providing free consultations to help companies prepare for the shutdown on Jan. 11. DSA President & CEO Jon Scholes, along with Commute Seattle Outreach Coordinator Madeline Feig, recently appeared on the Seattle Channel to discuss navigating the city during the shutdown.

This past summer, we debuted a new Waterfront Shuttle to improve access to businesses and attractions on and around the waterfront. The service has been so well received, it will now continue operating seven days a week through Sept. 2019. In early January, we’ll release a new mobile app to help riders conveniently plan trips.

Looking to the future, DSA continues to advocate for a high-capacity center city streetcar network to serve the fastest-growing neighborhoods in the city. The next step in realizing this network is the Center City Connector project – the only high-capacity transit planned in downtown for the next 15 years, during a time we are expected to continue experiencing unprecedented growth. A finished streetcar system will transport millions of riders through downtown each year, benefiting residents, businesses and visitors across the city.

Moving into 2019, DSA will continue to advocate for downtown priorities as Sound Transit begins to design its next transit tunnel below our city streets. Link Light Rail will once again expand access to downtown and boost the economic vitality of the Chinatown-International District and Pioneer Square, which is why it is critical that Sound Transit’s major investments in the Jackson Hub elevate both the transit and transfer experience by connecting Union and King Street Stations. We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to leverage our biggest transit hub to be a major community asset.

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