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McGraw Square Pop-up Gallery

From May 2022-February 2023, the Downtown Seattle Association, with funding from the Metropolitan Improvement District, installed a pop-up gallery in McGraw Square as part of DSA/MID’s efforts to bring local, vibrant art back into our daily lives and help revitalize the local arts sector.

Artists featured:

  • Alexis Hilliard
    Great Seattle Fire of 1889 / Handmade paper collage on panel
  • Cannupa Hanska Luger
    The One Who Checks & The One Who Balances / Beadwork, surplus industrial felt, ceramic, riot gear, afghan
  • Eric Fisher
    A Feeling / Digital Illustration
  • Tariqua Waters
    NO / Self-portrait, mixed media
  • Jenny Zwick
    Speaking Loudly With Gentle Materials (YES) / Archival pigment print
  • Monyee Chau
    Just Adequate / Digital painting
  • Lauren Max
    Nadia & Abigail / Photograph

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Michael Johnson, Director of Parks & Public Spaces


Jennifer Casillas, VP, Public Realm & Ambassador Operations

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Seth Geiser, Manager, Urban Planning & Design

Park Rules

The Seattle Municipal Code prohibits:

  • Placing any structure or obstruction in the park without a permit
  • Dogs or other pets that are not leashed; person with dog must carry and use equipment for removing feces.
  • Sale of merchandise without a permit
  • Amplified sound without a permit.
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  • Illegal gambling
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Parks Code of Conduct (enforceable under SMC 18.12.040) prohibits:

  • Depriving others of their use or enjoyment of the park
  • No smoking
  • Unattended items
  • Creating a risk of harm to any person or property
  • Obstructing pedestrian traffic; interfering with the provision of services or the use of park property
  • Disrupting Parks and Recreation activities.
  • Abusive or harassing behavior