Downtown Seattle 2021 Report Card

Residential Population
67% increase since 2010 / 2021 estimate: 98,627

Total Number of Jobs
47% increase since 2010 / 2021 estimate: 323,158

Brick-and-Mortar Retail Jobs
15% decrease since 2010 / 2021 estimate: 7,549

Dining, Hotel, Recreation, Arts and Entertainment Jobs
37% decrease since 2010 / 2021 estimate: 17,149

Sources: ESRI Community Analyst, Puget Sound Regional Council. The 2021 jobs estimate was derived from data provided by PSRC and the Washington State Employment Security Department. Note that data here are for Q1 of each year.

Downtown Seattle Is the Heart of the City’s Economy

Downtown as a Percent of the City’s Total

Hotel Rooms

Office Space Inventory

Business Taxes


Gross Regional Product

Commercial Property Values

Sources: CoStar, Emsi, ESRI Community Analyst, King County Assessor, Puget Sound Regional Council. Business taxes include state, federal and local. All statistics are for the most recent year available from each data source.

Credit: Philip Craft

Demographic Snapshot

Who Lives Downtown?

98627total population

37median age

1.4average household size

$95000median household income

4.8%are unemployed

68%have a bachelor’s degree or higher

5819are under 18

40%are nonwhite

81%are renters

Source: ESRI Community Analyst. These data are as of July 2021.

Who Works Downtown?

60%are between the ages of 30 and 54

15%identify as Asian, the fastest-growing demographic by race

44%have a bachelor’s degree or higher

51%are male

40%live within the Seattle city limits

Source: U.S. Census Bureau. LEHD Origin-Destination Employment Statistics (

Data last updated March 2022.