Other Downtown Parks

Whether you’re looking for a refreshing walk, a place to eat lunch, or to relax with a waterfront view, downtown has a park for you. In addition to directly managing public spaces like Westlake Park and Occidental Square, DSA provides operations and staffing assistance in several other parks around the center city. Read more below about how you can experience these free and fun downtown destinations.

Bell Street Park

Bell Street Park, in downtown’s Belltown neighborhood, stretches along four city blocks. Extra-wide sidewalks host flowers, chairs, landscaping and activities like giant chess and building blocks.

DSA provides staffing and coordinates City of Seattle funding for Bell Street Park.

First to Fifth avenues on Bell Street
Seattle, WA 98121

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Photo Credit: Seattle Parks & Recreation

Denny Park

Denny Park lies on the northern edge of downtown. Broad pathways surrounded by green grass cross under maple, pine and other trees, offering a respite from city bustle.

DSA is a member of the Friends of Denny Park Committee. We offer insights and best practices on park management to committee members and community stakeholders.

100 Dexter Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98109

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Photo Credit: Seattle Parks & Recreation

Freeway Park

The concrete columns, waterfalls and grassy squares of Freeway Park cap five acres of Interstate 5 near the Washington State Convention Center. This centrally located, innovative space was featured in the 2016 PBS documentary “10 Parks that Changed America.”

DSA staff sit on the Board of the Freeway Park Association. We provide management guidance and park best practices to association members and community stakeholders.

700 Seneca Street
Seattle, WA 98101

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The Hot Spot at Waterfront Park

The Hot Spot on Pier 58 in Waterfront Park hosts music, games and family activities. The park’s panoramic views and open space make it a popular event venue.

DSA provides seasonal summer staffing to help activate the Hot Spot.

1401 Alaskan Way on Pier 58
Seattle, WA 98101

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