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The Downtown Seattle Association supports retail recruitment and advocacy with the goal of increasing independent retailers downtown and achieving a unique merchandise mix. We are a respected resource for data, information and trends on the numbers behind downtown’s retail marketplace.

Downtown Seattle is proving to be a robust market for retailers, with retail sales at brick and mortar stores increasing by 52 percent since 2010, more than any major city in the Puget Sound Region. Retail vacancy has remained below four percent since the start of the decade and sits at only two percent as of mid-2019.

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Retail Statistics

Notes on data sources for this page:

Retail real estate market data was provided by

Retail sales numbers for cities are from the Washington State Department of Revenue. Since sales are only reported at the city level, downtown sales were estimated based on the number of employees in downtown brick and mortar stores using employment data provided by Puget Sound Regional Council. 

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