Downtown Seattle Association Offers Small Business Memberships

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Do you know a small business that could benefit from joining DSA? As part of our ongoing revitalization efforts, we’re offering a year of free membership for a limited time, plus two tickets to attend one of our signature events. Any small business with at least one site in downtown Seattle is eligible to apply, with special priority given to women- and minority-owned companies.

By becoming DSA members, small businesses can access a wide range of networking opportunities and exclusive events — great for establishing meaningful connections within the downtown business community.

Since the launch of this program earlier this year, 16 memberships have been activated, and DSA is committed to supporting more small businesses in the coming months.

For more information, please contact Giselle Ferrufino at

Memberships awarded:

The Alternative Board


Chop Chop West Africa Cuisine

Golden Roosters

Hellenika Cultured Creamery

Leila Klein LLC

The Lemon Grove

Mixed Pantry

Noir Lux Candle Bar

Orange Dracula

Seattle Black Business Network

Seattle Good Business Network

Self Space

Swink Style Bar

The Yarn Dragon

Zahra Bazgir | The Brodsky Team