Region Reaps Benefits of Commute Seattle’s Transit Programs — and You Can Too

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ORCA card being used at Pioneer Square light rail station

With low rates and new customer incentives, more small retail, personal services and hospitality businesses are taking advantage of the ORCA Business Passport transit pass. The passport is a cost-effective, comprehensive annual transportation program for businesses with five or more employees.

In 2022, Commute Seattle helped employers provide nearly 1,300 ORCA transit passes directly to workers, most of whom are employed in the nonprofit, hospitality and retail sectors. employers. The staff also provided more than 500 one-on-one business consultations aimed at improving commutes.

As Seattle’s post-pandemic recovery moves forward and more people travel to and from downtown, Commute Seattle will continue to educate businesses and connect employees with the resources they need to navigate the city. If you’re interested in improving your employees’ trips to and from work, contact one of Commute Seattle’s transportation specialists at, or call 206-613-3131.