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Get the most out of your DSA membership! We offer a variety of ways for members and MID ratepayers to get involved, stay informed and meet other members. From our signature events to issue-focused committees to monthly member roundtables, we’ve got something for a variety of schedules and interests. We also encourage you to stay connected with the DSA community through our monthly newsletter, Intersections, the Daily Digest of news impacting downtown, member eblasts and social media.

Parks & Public Space Committee

The Parks & Public Space Committee ensures that DSA’s work in the public realm is coordinated, cohesive and collaborative as we seek to take care of persistent troubled areas, improve high-traffic, high-impact spaces and expand our work in downtown’s urban parks and public spaces. The committee is currently focused on three sub-areas: 

Bell Street Park

This group will work together with Seattle Parks & Recreation (SPR), MID Advisory Board members and Belltown stakeholders to continue to advance public realm improvements in Bell Street Park and work toward a more comprehensive activation/programming agreement between SPR and the Metropolitan Improvement District.  

  • Chair: Dan Temkin, Block 41/Westshore Development and MID Ratepayer Advisory Board member 
  • Membership: Open to corporate/nonprofit DSA members and MID ratepayers located in the Belltown neighborhood, by invitation only
  • Frequency:  This group meets on an as-needed basis 

Park Safety & Security

A group of security stakeholders around Westlake Park and Occidental Square will collaborate to share best practices, observations and information with a goal of working together to identify solutions to security and public safety challenges in and around these parks.  

  • Membership:  Open to corporate/nonprofit DSA members and MID ratepayers adjacent to the parks, and partner contracted personnel, by invitation only
  • Frequency:  This group meets every other month 


BIPOC Park Programming

The purpose of this group is to increase the diversity of contracted park vendors and partners and invite new communities and cultures to experience our downtown parks. Participants will bring connections, open-minded thinking and new ideas, all with an intentional focus on partnering with more WMBE, BIPOC and underserved communities. 

  • Chairs: Jane Lewis, Pine St. Group, L.L.C. and DSA Board member 
  • Membership:  Open to corporate/nonprofit DSA members and MID ratepayers
  • Frequency: TBD 

Communications & Marketing Roundtable

This group of communications and marketing professionals from DSA member companies/organizations and MID ratepayers will learn about key campaigns going on at DSA, provide periodic feedback and network.

  • Co-chairs: Bernie Griffin, The 5th Avenue Theatre and DSA Board member; Cary Clark, Argosy Cruises, DSA Board member and MID Ratepayer Advisory Board member
  • Membership: Open to corporate/nonprofit DSA members in communications, marketing, sales and related fields, as well as MID ratepayers
  • Frequency: This group meets quarterly
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MID Clean & Safe Committee

This committee of Metropolitan Improvement District ratepayers receives updates on what our Clean, Safe and Outreach teams are doing to support ratepayers within the Metropolitan Improvement District. Members will be asked to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.

  • Chair: Valerie Heide Mudra, downtown resident
  • Membership: MID Board members
  • Frequency: This group meets on the second Thursday, every other month.
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