Ways to Help

Help Those on the Front Lines

Supplies needed at this time include:

  • New and unused N95, P100 and surgical masks
  • Gloves
  • Disposable gowns
  • Eye protection
  • And more

We encourage any downtown businesses who can donate supplies to do so.

Donate Supplies


Support Local Business

Many DSA members and other downtown businesses have found ways to keep their workers busy and their patrons satisfied by offering promotions that keep convenience, health and safety in mind. Check out our list of current reopenings to learn more and help support local business.

Downtown Business Promotions

All in Seattle

Support Local Nonprofits

All In Seattle is a group of like-minded Seattleites and community members who are quickly deploying resources directly to proven nonprofits who can deliver it to those most in need. At launch on March 23, they raised over $30 million to contribute directly to these nonprofits.

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Give Blood

Most blood donations come from community drives, all of which have been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. More supply is needed to ensure it is available for cancer patients, surgeries, baby deliveries, car accidents and other needs. Schedule a donation with Bloodworks Northwest or call 1-800-398-7888. 

Two hearts


United Way of King County is maintaining a database of volunteer needs. You can help support needs arising from the COVID-19 outbreak. While volunteering or delivering resources, keep in mind the social distancing guidelines by staying six feet apart from those you do not share a household with. There are numerous ways to give back to the community while staying true to these guidelines, including solo volunteering and online opportunities.

Knife and fork

Donate to Food Banks

The Washington Food Fund seeks to close an $11 million gap in funding to help support the statewide emergency food effort over the coming weeks, ensuring help for the many seniors, kids, newly unemployed and others who find themselves in need of assistance during this crisis.

Northwest Harvest supports food banks across Washington state. Visit their website to learn more about how to donate, volunteer or receive food from local food banks.

The Pike Place Market also runs a food bank downtown. 

If you are able, please consider making a donation. Food banks are currently experiencing increased demand and are in need of volunteers and donations.

For more information, please email info@downtownseattle.org.