Sparkle Shark Stringband – Downtown Summer Sounds

Event Type Downtown Summer Sounds
Date August 14, 2024
Time12:00PM — 1:30PM
Location Washington 1000

Genre: Bluegrass with a twist

Address: Washington 1000 / 1000 Olive Way

Sparkle Shark Stringband circles the Seattle waters, performing a glittery fusion of bluegrass, pop/rock, and dance music. Their sparkly attire, unique musical arrangements, and dazzling original songs are brought to life through their vibrant live shows. Each shark showcases their distinctive vocal stylings by sharing the lead role, and the trio creates a harmonious union of sound when they ring together.

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The Downtown Seattle Association is proud to present Downtown Summer Sounds, our summer concert series that has been bringing free live, local music to downtown Seattle for 45 years. We’re hosting more than 30 outdoor concerts across downtown from July 5-Sept. 10 — check out the full lineup!

The Downtown Summer Sounds concert series is funded by the Metropolitan Improvement District ratepayers and presented by Amazon.