Linda From Work – Downtown Summer Sounds

Event Type Downtown Summer Sounds, Parks & Public Spaces
Date September 6, 2024
Time12:00PM — 1:30PM
Location Westlake Park

Genre: Rock

Address: Westlake Park / 401 Pine St.

Linda From Work is a fierce rock band led by Hillary Tusick on vocals/guitar and featuring Elliott Gregory (guitar), Shayla Riday (bass) and Sam Nowak (drums). Meeting at the intersection of garage, glam and dance-punk, Linda From Work has crafted a high-energy sound built on powerhouse vocals and driving melodies that can only be described as rock and roll, baby!

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Linda From Work will be joined by opening act Black Ends. This Seattle-based band specializes in “gunk pop,” a unique style combining catchy pop and rock structures with grime and punk and riot grrrl influences.

The Downtown Seattle Association is proud to present Downtown Summer Sounds, our summer concert series that has been bringing free live, local music to downtown Seattle for 45 years. We’re hosting more than 30 outdoor concerts across downtown from July 5-Sept. 10 — check out the full lineup!

The Downtown Summer Sounds concert series is funded by the Metropolitan Improvement District ratepayers and presented by Amazon.