Khu.éex’ – Downtown Summer Sounds

Event Type Downtown Summer Sounds, Parks & Public Spaces
Date August 29, 2024
Time4:30PM — 6:00PM
Location Occidental Square

Genre: Rock/Jazz

Address: Occidental Square / 117 S. Washington St.

Khu.éex’ is an Indigenous band full of creative members, including storytellers, activists and artists, that bring this collective energy to the stage as one powerful unit. Their focus is raising awareness of social issues, stemming from the Native American struggle, that branch out to serious issues that affect all people. The band explores music with an improvisational style, bringing an Indigenous perspective and keeping tribal cultures and languages alive through music. The fusion of these styles with spoken word in English, Tlingit, Haida and Y’upic languages results in a new, unique sound, accented by traditional masks and regalia during dynamic live performances.

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The Downtown Seattle Association is proud to present Downtown Summer Sounds, our summer concert series that has been bringing free live, local music to downtown Seattle for 45 years. We’re hosting more than 30 outdoor concerts across downtown from July 5-Sept. 10 — check out the full lineup!

The Downtown Summer Sounds concert series is funded by the Metropolitan Improvement District ratepayers and presented by Amazon.